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NIRAPAD Strengths

NIRAPAD's strengths lie in its commitment to promoting disaster-related quality and accountability initiatives as well as localisation agenda in humanitarian aid and actions. It supports a diverse range of stakeholders in enhancing their capabilities in preparedness, anticipatory actions, response, recovery, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation. It plays a vital role in the disaster management sector by creating and disseminating knowledge products, providing technical support, and fostering partnerships and collaborations with humanitarian agencies.

Throughout the years., NIRAPAD has established itself as a leading knowledge-based network in the disaster risk management sector, known for its reliability, capacity, and extensive experience. The organization boasts a core support staff with a high level of expertise in IT, accounting, disaster management, and social sector studies. Moreover, NIRAPAD has the flexibility to assemble specialized service providers and additional support staff from its pool of associates and consultant roster, including international experts, as needed for specific assignments. In the past decade, NIRAPAD has successfully undertaken a variety of studies and capacity development activities commissioned by international NGOs, donors, and government entities.