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Membership Guidelines

Membership is the heart of any network. Success and failure depend on their motivation and commitment on it. So, careful mast be regarding the membership whether they want to actually participate or only extracting gain from it. 

Formal membership can be obtained from NIRAPAD signing the memorandum of understanding between the network and member. Regarding the membership steering committee will take the final decision and approval. The following types of membership will exist in the network.

Organization offers two types of membership: a) Full Member and b) Associate Member

a) Full Member: Individual, representing local or national non-governmental organization, qualifies to become General Member. 

b) Associate Member: Individual nominated by local, national or international non-governmental organization or any person involved in disaster management qualifies to become Associate Member. 

Roles and Entitlements

Full Members

  1. Collectively conduct all functions and duties of the general committee. 
  2. Attend formal meetings of the at least once in a year.
  3. Discuss and approve annual budget through annual general meeting.
  4. Discuss and approve annual work plan through annual general meeting.
  5. Advice Executive Committee on programs and finance and resource management through General Committee.
  6. Approve annual audit report and appoint auditor for next year through annual general meeting.
  7. Form Executive committee through annual general meeting.

Associate Members

Associate Members have the same roles and entitlements as Full Members (see above) excepting the right to form the Executive Committee.

Eligibility for Application

  • Apply for NIRAPAD membership using prescribed form.
  • Executive Committee reserves the right to approve application for membership.
  • For both Full Membership and Associate Membership requires registration fee and annual subscription. Executive Committee will determine the rates of registration fee and annual subscription.

Membership Fees

  • Registration fee for ‘Full Member’ is Tk. 25,000 one sort and has to pay Tk. 10,000 per year as subscription fees.
  • Registration fee for ‘Associate Member’ is Tk. 20,000 one sort and has to pay Tk. 5,000 per year as subscription fees.